May 16

I may keep this as my journal for bicycling as I bought a bike on 1 May.

No more New Kids (though thats going to be moved to an archived part of the site, so still accessible just not the main focus anymore) and just about day to day things.

Mar 22

“Something inspired you to get involved, and something inspired you to be a Democrat instead of running as a Republican. Because somewhere deep in your heart you said to yourself, I believe in an America in which we don’t just look out for ourselves … but we also have a sense of neighborliness and a sense of community, and we are willing to look out for one another and help people who are vulnerable and help people who are down on their luck and give them a pathway to success and give them a ladder into the middle class. That’s why you decided to run.”

-Obama at the Democrat Caucus before the Health Care vote

Yes We Did!

Congrats America, you did it. Thank you for making peoples health care  equal and having the same rights as well. Health Care is a RIGHT not a privilege, regardless what others may think.

Mar 19

ChatRoulette piano player

Play it again, ChatRoulette

Hooded pianist entertains strangers on webcam service ChatRoulette – could he be Ben Folds?

It’s what ChatRoulette was invented for – so a chap in a hoodie at the piano can make up songs about whatever you are doing – immediately! The keyboard guy clearly knows his stuff, and fortunately wasn’t required to make up a song about anything too, you know … un-family friendly. The voice, the piano skills, and those big glasses prompted speculation that it could be none other than Ben Folds, formerly of Ben Folds Five fame and now just plain old BF. The piano man later denied he was Ben Folds, according to reports. But he would say that wouldn’t he? Looks familiar?

It does sound a lot like him, but there are bits where it couldnt be him either… Makes me almost wish I had a webcam.. Almost.

Mar 16

Oh Courtney oh how love thee..

Mar 2

New video from OK GO!

Which is so completely cool its not even funny.

Just hope they dont have a case of the Weezer syndrome where the videos make the band…..

Mar 1

this just came through via twitter:

@nineinchnails: ?

which is a link to this:

aHHHHHHH new music sooooooooooon!!!!

Mar 1

and no it not pop… lol.

Florence + The Machine’s album Lungs. Its so beautiful and Im so mad it took me over a year to sit down and really listen to it. Im ashamed to admit it took ‘Dog Days Are Over‘ to be used for the promo of the network debut of Slumdog Millionaire on Channel 4 back in January to make me pick the album up. Totally and utterly in love with it. Beautiful.

I love my chicks with guitar thing. If you love Kate Bush or Grace Slick, you will adore Florence and the Machine

Oh and if you still doubt her, check her collaboration with Dizzie at the Brits in February

Feb 20

Best. Commercial. EVER!!!!
Why cant we get anything like this in the UK?

Feb 16

A Rothschild giraffe mugs for the camera

Feb 14

‘Samantha’ As performed on Jonathan Ross on Friday night.

Makes me excited if theres a new record out. Even if its without Melissa and Eric :(

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