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Well, this is a shocker.. Rolling Stone seeming to ENJOY having the five bad brothers around? I am in SHOCK.

Live Blogging New Kids On the Block’s Visit to Rolling Stone

Joe & Jordan @ Rolling Stones offices in NYC

Joe & Jordan @ Rolling Stones offices in NYC

[Photo: Shahar Azran]
Posted by Jason Gay

May 16, 2008 3:55 PM

Now here in the Rolling Stone office: New Kids on the Block!! Everyone’s here: Donnie, Jordan, Danny, Joey, and the other guy! Like, OMG, best ever, right!!

We’re turning to our correspondent who will live blog the event here in the RS offices:

12:10 PM: NKOTB arrives here in the RS conference room. Several female staffers mob the guys and pull off Donnie’s baseball cap, revealing a…pet rat named Barnaby

12:20 PM: Joey says his three favorite things are cars, pasta, and long, slow kisses. Two girls faint.

12:28 PM: Donnie says he’s just looking to settle down and raise a family with a woman who can be “sweet to my mother.” Five girls faint.

12:31 PM: Jordan rescues a kitten that has been lodged in a heating vent above the conference room. Nine girls faint.

12:35 PM: A bored Danny bench presses the entire staff of US Weekly. Men’s Journal offers him a cover on the spot.

12:45 PM: Donnie reveals that on their next record, NKOTB will be working with Jon Brion and Brian Eno.

12:47 PM: Donnie says he was lying.

12:49 PM: Joey is asked what his desert island album would be. He says it would be an album of songs written by an 8-year-old girl who passed away just after recording the record. Fourteen girls faint.

12:52 PM: Danny punches someone in the head for a laugh. That girl faints.

12:54 PM: Joey says he was just kidding about the dead 8-year-old girl’s album. He’d just bring The Chronic by Dr. Dre.

12:56 PM: Jordan adopts a puppy.

12:58 PM: A girl gives Donnie a wreath she made out of her hair and dried tears. Donnie says, “I already got too many of these.”

12:59 PM: Jordan’s puppy gives birth to puppies. Twenty girls faint.

1 PM: The boys leave with a medley of “Hangin’ Tough,” “Step by Step,” and a cover of Dylan’s “Isis.”

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The bit about Danny punching a fan made me laugh the hardest. Is that wrong??

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