If you want to keep a secret, dont tell Danny


Its a great little interview on how he and donnie are still best friends, even after all these years, how he feels about the reunion and more. best bit is this:

Q: Are you happy that you guys are back together? It sounds like it’s working out better than you even imagined. Are you looking to continuing to tour and make music for the foreseeable future?

A: I am beyond happy. This has gone beyond anything I ever imagined would happen. And we’re getting ready to start this next part of the tour, and I’m planning for my kids to come out, you know, a week into the tour and to visit for four or five days. I mean, it doesn’t get any better than that. And, you know, our hope is that we finish out touring into the fall and then take some time off and then get back together in 2010 and maybe make another record or do another tour or do something -  but definitely to keep this going.

That little statement has left me bouncing in my seat all day!!!! I know he doesnt say *where* these tours will happen, but he does say it will happen and after donnies statement after O2 it only makes me giddier that they are returning back here. i need smething to cling to!

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