Feb 20

Best. Commercial. EVER!!!!
Why cant we get anything like this in the UK?

Feb 1

Im not a huge Pink fan (well LOVE the colour, but not so much the singer) and just saw a video of her performance at last nights Grammys and Im in awe of her.

She did this ALL live.  Amazing. No lip synching, no help from ‘backing vocals’ etc. A straight performance.

“When I do it [on tour], I don’t have lights above me. Tonight, there were lights above me, so it almost went into a strobe thing, and I actually did get a little turned around. I thought … I was going to fall on my nude butt. But I worked it out. I would say that no one ever has another excuse to lip sync.”

Amazing. She totally gets loads more of respect from me (and maybe ill venture to listen to more of her music…..) Plus its pretty beautiful to watch. Very Cirque du Soleil-esque…

Jan 2

Hes kinda been on a sabbatical for me. I dont know, maybe it was the whole releasing too much new material at once. Maybe it was the bad taste left in my mouth when I saw him play the Manchester Apollo back in Nov 2007. Either ways its been a while. Im slowly starting to re-listening to him again and just rediscovered a track off Easy Tiger called ‘Two’ Its simply beautiful.

It takes two when it used to take only one

Simply beautiful….

(BTW what prompted me to re-listen to that track in particular was it was in the background of a True Blood Season 1 episode I was watching)

Dec 13

New (sorta) LOST promo for SKY1

Show returns to ABC on February 2, 2010 and possibly back on SKY on 7 February 2010, but for me Ill be watching in HD on 3 February 2010! Wooo!!!! Only 16 episodes left, cant wait! Better not give us a blackout on the last moments ala Sopranos or its was only a dream like in St Elsewhere.

Oct 22


It may not be a paranormal event, but it’s cool and unusual: Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor has teamed up with Fringe for a new promo spot, EW.com has learned. The spot, which debuts Thursday during Game 5 of the American League Championship Series, features a reworking of the Nine Inch Nails song “Zero-Sum” by Reznor, who recites lines of dialogue from Fringe’s William Bell (Leonard Nimoy) over the music. So, how did the freaky drama series secure the services of Reznor? After Fox’s marketing department showed the Fringe producers a version of the promo that used “Zero-Sum,” series exec producer Jeff Pinkner simply asked a nearby Reznor acquaintance—that’d be co-creator J.J. Abrams—if the NIN musician might be interested in a collaboration. One email later, Reznor was on the case. “We offered him compensation, and he said, ‘No, no, I just want to have fun and be part of something cool,’” says Pinkner, adding: “How often do you get the chance to work with somebody like that?”Reznor wound up revamping the song in his mobile studio while on tour, and he even came up with the idea of “embedding” one of the show’s glyphs in the music. (Hint: Examine the song’s sound waves on a computer.) Now for the big question: Might Reznor pop up in an episode of Fringe? “If he wants to come act on the show, that’s not tit for tat—that’s an open invitation, and we made that known to him,” says Pinkner. Any ideas on what he may play? “Well, his head would probably end up exploding,” deadpans Pinkner. “There’d be some uncomfortable biology in there one way or another.”

If you follow the above link, theres a video thats available to US residents ONLY.

AWESOME!!! Two of my favourite things in one place :D YaY!!!

Oct 13

Unfortunately cant embed (Sad) but heres a link to the HD Version. Wooo.

Bodies (Live) on the X-Factor 10/10/2009

He looks so hawt. Want to touch the hiney.

Jul 31


Jarvis Cocker’s Michael Jackson Brits Stunt Upsets The Roots – PHOTOS

On US TV last night…

Jarvis Cocker's Michael Jackson Brits Stunt Upsets The Roots - PHOTOS

The Roots’ drummer Questlove aired his anger about Jarvis Cocker’s infamous Michael Jackson stunt as the former Pulp star performed on US TV last night.

Cocker, who famously invaded the stage during Jackson’s performance at the 1996 Brit awards, debuted new single ‘Further Complications’ on The Late Show with Jimmy Fallon.

But his appearance on the programme angered Questlove, who, along with the other Roots stars, is currently part of Fallon’s house band.

In a message posted on Twitter, the drummer said: “Hmmm. Fighting the urge to get Jarvis Cocker for that MJ incident some years back.”

The 38-year-old added that Cocker looked “throwned” – an American slang term for drunk.

Cocker, who only appeared as a performer on the programme, caused controversy at the Brits when he made an impromptu appearance onstage behind Jackson.

The singer was questioned by police on suspicion of assault over the incident, but later released without charge.

During a recent appearance on the political panel show Question Time, Cocker said the stage invasion had been prompted by Jackson’s apparent decision to portray himself as Christ-like figure.

But when asked what he thought of the late singer as a performer, Cocker replied: “He invented the moonwalk.”

Seriously? This happened what 14 years ago and people are still upset over an incredibly intoxicated man taking the stage during a pop music award show and stealing the moment for a second? Jesus people get over yourselves.

May 27

Or is that Mike D?

May 27


I miss Billy though :( mmmmAndrewShue.. he made me go from baby blues to puppy dog brown

Mar 5

at jimmy kimmel


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