Dec 22

I will update accordingly. But with it being Christmas and all cant keep up. Will search and post what I can find. Apparently the set list was as follows:

One Song

Step By Step


Coming Home

Dirty Dancing

Full Service (Featuring Johnny Gill & Ricky Bell from New Edition)

Merry Merry Christmas

Have Funky, Funky Christmas

Last Night I Saw Santa Claus

The Christmas Song

O Holy Night (Joey McIntyre Solo)

This Ones For the Children


The Back Rub (Donnie)

You Got It (Right Stuff)

Hangin Tough

Should note, that thanks to the Nor’Easter Joe almost didnt make it! His flight was cancelled the day before. Must have had Danny pull a few strings and had a private jet get him home for the gig!

Will update with videos (including Jon kissing a fan!!!!) and pics when I find em. Like I said, busy busy bust thanks to Christmas.

Dec 20

for those lucky enough to make it into Boston with the amazing Nor’Easter heading your way, looks like the guys are giving you a real treat (Even if Danny hates it)

Dec 16,,20327420,00.html

Unfortunately, theyre not allowing embedding or anything cool like that, so youll have to click on the link to view.


Didn’t get a chance to see the New Kids on the Block on tour? Now you can have Joey McIntyre, Donnie Wahlberg, Danny Wood and Jordan and Jonathan Knight in your living room when the group releases its concert DVD on Feb. 2.

From early rehearsals to inside the recording studio, NKOTB’s Coming Home DVD is “bringing you back to the very first moment of the reunion step by step until today,” Donnie Wahlberg tells PEOPLE. “It’s kind of like a yearbook – only from a 15 year high school reunion.”

The DVD includes the singers’ performance of classics like “Step by Step” – and unseen footage from the groups fan cruise to the Bahamas, where Wahlberg and Wood surprised fans in their cabins. Wahlberg has a soft spot for replaying the fan footage, saying, “the emotion from the fans, in every arena throughout the tour, was so intense,” he says. “It gives me chills every time I watch it.”

Get ready for more chills, Donnie. The reunion party will continue in 2010 when the boys hit the high seas again on a sold-cruise in May. And there will be ten golden keys hidden in the deluxe and super deluxe DVD box sets that will grant lucky fans two tickets to any future NKOTB concert.

Says Wahlberg: “We hope to find new ways to give our fans no less as we move forward.”

Now up on YouTube

Notice my vid is like the 3rd or 4th recommended one? woo!

Dec 9

NKOTB “Coming Home” on DVD today at Get it now and own a piece of history!

After 15 years, THE NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK made a triumphant return to the world’s stage. Coming Home, the DVD, will take you along the group’s process and their many journeys as they toured the globe playing over 140 sold out arena concerts and performing to a million plus fans. “Coming Home” also captures NKOTB and their dynamic live performances as they perform songs from the group’s 2008 release, “The Block,” as well as other fan favorites from their extensive hits catalog. Highlights include the singles “Summertime,” “Single,” “You Got It (The Right Stuff),” “Step by Step, “Hangin’ Tough,” and more! Plus each DELUXE DVD comes with an un-released song “Coming Home” at the time of purchase.

“Coming Home,” the new DELUXE DVD from NKOTB comes packed with never-before-seen footage, extremely rare items and additional goodies:

- Over 90 minutes never-before-seen footage.
- 6 Live performances filmed during the group’s world tour.
- Chance to receive 1 of 5 Golden Keys. The Golden Key provides LIFETIME tickets for you and a guest to official NKOTB shows anywhere in the world for 2010 and beyond.*
- EXTREMELY LIMITED edition authentic wardrobe swatch from Full Service tour outfits (yes, its REALLY from the guy’s ACTUAL wardrobe). OWN A PIECE OF HISTORY!
- Limited edition NKOTB dog tag.
- Inside peek at NKOTB life on the road.
- Special Moments with the fans.
- Behind the scenes.
- Deluxe booklet with additional artwork.

…AND the unreleased track “Coming Home” delivered digitally at time of purchase.


*Certain rules and restrictions apply. Keys are inserted into packaging at random.
**Shipping early February 2010

–I would just like to say, that this is cool and all, but the whole owning a swatch of their clothing is sooo CREEPIE its unreal.

Nov 8

hmm as per twitter:

@RetroRewind Joe tonight he did say that he WANTS to play Europe. He loves u guys too! Maybe Feb 2010 is the goal :)

@RetroRewind Sorry guys. Joe has sworn me to secrecy on the cities on his tour. He will announce soon!!

and straight from Donnies mouth, er twitter:

@DonnieWahlberg UK- I’m coming! After New Year- You Want It? I GOT IT! :) stay tuned. Til then… Much to do!

@DonnieWahlberg Soldiers… Last night was perfection! The best part… We are just getting started. Cali and UK- your turn is coming! Shhh!

Just makes me want to act like a 13 yr old all over again. Haha.  Dont know if Ill go and see Donnie, but if Joe has dates up north (Manchester more than likely) Id make the trip to see him in concert. It be exciting! Id be the only (or one of the few) Americans there that didnt spend part of my life savings to see him. haha

Nov 8

So I went home for a week to see fam and do some shopping (which has made us too poor to even eat pasta)  While there grabbed some things I left behind when I moved over 4 years ago. Namely my CDs. Just brought all 300 or so down to my desk to start ripping a lot of them to my drive, and while browsing came across this little gem:

I cant stop giggling at it. Memories of a 14 yr old me.

Unfortunately I ran out of time and couldnt go through my NKs things (also it didnt help that theyre buried underneath all my dads gfs crap)

Nov 7

Joes releasing a new single and heres the premier as recorded (gently borrowed until the release date?) from the webstream of Donnies on-air appearance on CHUM-FM (Toronto radio station)

Also to go along with the release of the new record, Joes revamped his official site – with new pics, links to iTunes (though for us in the UK still only links to ‘Talk to Me’ – his cover of standards), photos and more.

Would have updated this sooner, but been away home for the last week, working crazy hours and VERY jetlagged.

Oct 19

‘I Got It’ featuring Aubrey O’Day

Ive only listened to it once or twice. Its OKAY. Nothing great (Donnie decides to ‘rap’) and feels like there needs to be some more editing done to it (less autotuner, possibly?) and maybe something changed, cant quite put my finger on it. I think it has potentional but with Donnies name attached to it, the track may not go anywhere.

You can purchase the track here for $1.99 Proceeds go towards Danny Woods Breast Cancer Foundation, Remember Betty. Apparently within the week, this will also be available for download via iTunes

Oct 10
^^ Download track from here! ^^

Donnies radio show is broadcasted on CherryTree Records

Oct 9

Okay I LOVE Donnie, just like everyone else. Hell if it wasnt for him, a writers strike and pretty ugly divorce we wouldnt have had the reunion.  So I’m VERY grateful towards him. (I dont want this to come across as being so, either) The guys are on and off twitter – Mr Jordan Knight, Im looking at YOU!!! – but Donnie is ALWAYS on.. lol. Its great hes around sharing his down time with us, but the constant stream of my fellow BHs replies to him is making MY twitter experience unusable. :(

Without the Filter

The moment Donnie tweets, twitter & tweetdeck pretty much goes insane, 8 – 10 replies at once and I only follow about 300 or so blockheads. Nothing wrong with it, we all want to get our voice HEARD. Fair play.  But when you actually USE twitter for what its for – sharing of small bits of tasty information with like minded people – that stuff gets lost in our replies to DDub. Sans short of getting a side account (which I dont want to do) I was losing my mind.

Make sure when you use the filter option its on - otherwise ALL youll see IS @donniewahlberg replies

Then I remember that tweetdeck in all its awesomeness now lets you filter your columns. I threw in @donniewahlbergs name into the filter and wow.

I can still use twitter as I like and still see DDub but not his replies!

Its now a whole new tweeting experience! I dont miss out on anything and yet still get to see Donnies tweets.  Its great! Its really simple to put the filter on and off, so you dont always have to ignore the replies, which is handy for slower times of the day…

Hopefully this wasnt too long winded (I have a tendency to do that) and was of some help to those of us a little less loving of the Donnielove.

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