Feb 15

yes it is Feb 14th. Yes im only getting around to this NOW.  sorry. my (rather really) late review of sheffield.

Well I got there about 4.30pm due to sudden Tuesday afternoon traffic that came from nowhere in sheffield.  I met some girls from the States (actually I would say about 85% of the people there werent from the UK) who let me sit with them. though it took me some time to find somewhere to sit and suddenly got a flashback to being back in hs trying to find an empty table to sit at during lunch. made me really regretting not pre-arranging a group before hand through nkotb.com. I did try but it all feel apart. *sigh* anyways about 5pm or so the guys were ready for us, though a little subdued (they drove up from londontown to sheffield..) I was in group E with the only guy there in the group.. Im thinking he was someones very good natured bf..

So I go in between the CURTAIN and aim for Joe.. MY Joe. 20 years in waiting Joe. *sigh* As I go in (i think running – oops) for Joe Jordan looks at me and smiles. I sheepishly smile back and go for Joe. I am then outstepped by two girls who say thier English is limited and flew all the way from Poland to meet them. I cant fight with that. Anyways Mr Jonathan Knight is there. God is he gorgeous (but hes still not going to steal another Joe girl away!!) and is so nice. All I could manage to spew out was ‘My sister is really jealous of me right now’ . Ugh no explination how I was different and that I actually lived there nadda.  A few moments later and its picture time! I can feel Jon pull me in slightly to me and Joe is touching my back! OMG Heaven! then, then, then some bitch comes outta nowhere between Joe n I and sneaks in. COW!!! Anyways, It doesnt matter if I was next to him or not because I can feel his hand on the small of my back and thats all I need.  I need to also add, as I was leaving I gave Danny a casual nod and he smiled back. :D

Then the show.. Sooo soo good. Meet a lovely blockhead from Leeds sitting next to me and had a great time! Donnie even pointed out to her in the crowd and talked to her for a few minutes. Soo soo jealous!! Show was everything I imagined it to be (sans Joe almost ripped off the stage) and such a shame it didnt sell out. No advertising will do that you know? Even still it was half filled. I had such a GREAT time. they played some new hits and loads of old ones. Guys came out in either England kits and Joey had on an arsnal one and donnie in his liverpool.

The guys better come back (according to Danny in Cardiff they are just waiting on some dates to be finalised) and Im hitting up Manchester and London. Hopefully Ill be able to go with some of my NK girls and we can be one large group together. I know Im doing at least one show 5*. Even though we only had like 5 minutes with the guys, Id so do it again.  Completly worth not standing outside St Pauls hotel in the winter cold!

Feb 7

Some random things Ive uploaded to youtube over the last few days. New vids from nkotb.com with Donnie playing golf with his new gf (im assuming its her??) and some old school videos.

Donnie Falls out of Frame

Wish I was on the other end of this camera!

Weird German interview from circa 1991. Donnie & Danny backstage with fans

NKOTB rock Germany. I still get shivers down my spine when I hear Joes first notes from Single. *sigh*

Jan 29

didnt i?

Oh yes you did Jordan. As well as with your brother, Donnie, Danny and JOE. OMG Still need to settle down from the night before (though this post has a date of 29/01 – oops) as theres been a lot of crazy shit happening today…. Just some quick pics and links to full images and videos… BTW I didnt get to talk to Joe (though he touched my SHOULDER!) I did get to be really awkward with Jon, haha, which was fine by me. Love them all.

Love You, Joey.

Love You, Joey.

Gravity defying blow job? The Knights using Donnie as weapon of mass destruction and Joe running from it? Or the actual size of Dannys manhood?

Gravity defying blow job? The Knights using Donnie as weapon of mass destruction and Joe running from it? Or the actual size of Dannys manhood?

The rest can be found here:


Dirty Dancing

2 In the Mornin’

Discussion of Jons Pants-Gate from Hammersmith on Saturday night and deciding that was the worst Click x 3 moment of the entire tour. YaY! Go Sheffield!

EDIT: BTW this made YouTubes Top 5 fastest watched videos on 29/01/2009! Thank you fellow blockheads!

Its not very big but thats me and Jon Knight!! wooooo!!!

Jan 12

yes yes yes it is!!! jordan updated his myspace status to say ‘ going to get some fish & chips!’ ahhhh ahhhh omigodomigodmigod!!! is -THIS- REALLY happening??? seriously just knowing JORDAN was in the same damn country as me again made me skip down the street to work. i dont even fancy Jordan (sorry!! youre hot but my heart always will belong to Joe!!!) hahaha im losing my mind, i think. lol.

and of course they come back with the most awesomest video blog to kick off the UK & European leg of things

Take that, Take That! muahahahaha!! Love Jons impression of Mark!!!

♥♥♥ i cant wait until they are here!!!! aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Jan 10

is this REALLY happening? i mean in 16 days time I will be oogling at a Mr Joseph Mulrey McIntyre and dying from being in their presence. Okay maybe not dying but giggling and just being retarded. I still cant believe Im sitting thrid row let alone comprehending the fact that i am actually meeting them!!!! omg!!

Im so excited im having dreams about them (one where I was ’stalking’  – for a lack of a better term – Donnie and Joe was around I didnt want anything to do with him!! OMG! Thats just awful.. EEK) and thinking about them more than I really should do.. but its not getting unhealthy yet. Unhealthy would have been 13 yr old Kerri not 31 almost 32 ( :cry: )  Kerri. Its very strange and surreal and Im excited as hell.

Manchester kicks the EU tour off in 6 days. Support has been confirmed – its a singer names Shontelle – so its just all waiting on confirmation of the B stage and then its just counting the DAYS (!!) down to seeing the guys in the flesh. As Penny Lane said in Almost Famous – ITS ALL HAPPENING!!! wooooooooooo.

Cant wait!!!

Also it appears the rumours about ’saving the date’ being for a cruise are getting closer and closer to being true. Apparently a tour group who handle a lot of cruises with stars have booked out one of Carnivals ships (cancelling somones wedding in the process :oops: ) for that weekend. Only time will tell to see what is actually happening… till then stay tuned.

Oh one more thing, Jon blogged and said they had a ‘2 in the morning’ video shoot yesterday and the guys were starting to head off to us in the UK. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Theyre also appearing on the national lottery draw on wednesday night at 10 on BBC1.. oooh cant wait!!! must set sky+ to record it!! I wonder what the video will be like? 5 different lovers quarrels? or what?! ahhhh soooooooo anxious!!!!$£”!£$

Dec 5

Find more videos like this on New Kids on the Block

check out danny and jon laughing so hard mid song they have to STOP singing.. lol.

(ps yes thats joe wearing donnies hat!)

Nov 29

Since I cant post on the official blog (it refuses to send me my new password :( ) Ill say it here:

Happy Birthday Mr Knight :)

Hope all your wishes and dreams for the next year keep coming true for you. All your fans wish you nothing but the best in health & happiness. 40 isnt old, just well aged – like good wine.. mmmmwine.

Enjoy the next few weeks of peace and quiet coming to you, because I promise the UK & Europe are going to take it to the NEXT level for you and the rest of the guys :)   . (And you thought it was crazy at home??!?!)  Cant wait to see you on 27/01/09 with my 5* upgrade :D

Love, Kerri xx

Nov 21

Find more videos like this on New Kids on the Block

I wish I wasnt broke and wasnt 3 to 4 hours away by train from London.. I wants to go!!! Im jealous of you ladies who can get to the Hammersmith gig.. 5000 people! GRRRR.. I know this bad boy is being taped too.. I just know it..

PS I think after the whole ‘Meet Tony’ video the other day Donnie & Danny broke the camera and they hadda get a new one…  I just knows it!

Nov 19

Find more videos like this on New Kids on the Block

Joseph McIntyre you never cease to amaze me. I nearly had an asthma attack from laughing so hard <3

(if you couldnt guess it, Joes posted a blog defending Jon Knight and Perez’s drama-rama with him)

PS I cant post comments on new kids blogs anymore :( this makes me sad panda…

Nov 11

i am LIVID. i was browsing around nkotbfans.com and someone posted about a new blog over on nkotb.com from jonathan. apparently the other week after their ft lauderdale gig some girls were following his and jordans bus and they forced them to drive the wrong way. not only that, but the girls themselves knowing they were going the wrong way, continued to follow the band.. i mean wtf is up with that?? her excuse was that she was being 16 again.. stupidstupidstupidstupid…

not only did her selfish action put her own life (and her friends) but jon and possibly jordans life at risk as well since they both share a bus. i mean losing two new kids is bad enough, but if it had been joes bus it would have been just as, if not more, horrible.. he has his little baby boy and wife with him plus their nanny… jesus h christ people.

i have never ever gotten the whole following the bus thing. i mean if i meant to meet someone, ill meet them where i saw them. not following over state lines and into different regions. thats just crazy. crazy ass fans, a few rotten apples ruining it for the bunch. cows. moo.

i will be fair and have my own story, but mine was an accident and we were all going in the same direction. i remember when i went to see dmb in washington, dc and as shannon, barry and i were all leaving the city about 1am we accidentally landed next to LeRois (r.i.p.) bus. he was sitting in the front seat eating some noodles and smiling.. we tried to catch up a little (not going nuts cause those buses are massive) to see if we could get him to wave, but when we realized after 10 minutes or so we wouldnt, we gave up. our small adventure happened on accident and the bus and us were all going the right way down i-95 towards virginia

ugh. stupid people shoud just die.


joe has posted a blog, kinda to counteract jons… but yeah.. some people DONT get it and you need to be more than blunt with them.

Edit 2:

Thank you to everyone who is responding and agreeing. Its a real shame theres a few select some that cant be adults :( Im sorry I cant respond to everyone directly – but if you want to talk you can email me at alternageek@gmail.com to continue the discussion further.

Thank you VERY much to the new kids web(blog)master who saw my trackback and allowed my comment to be posted

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