Mar 16

Oh Courtney oh how love thee..

Mar 1

this just came through via twitter:

@nineinchnails: ?

which is a link to this:

aHHHHHHH new music sooooooooooon!!!!

Mar 1

and no it not pop… lol.

Florence + The Machine’s album Lungs. Its so beautiful and Im so mad it took me over a year to sit down and really listen to it. Im ashamed to admit it took ‘Dog Days Are Over‘ to be used for the promo of the network debut of Slumdog Millionaire on Channel 4 back in January to make me pick the album up. Totally and utterly in love with it. Beautiful.

I love my chicks with guitar thing. If you love Kate Bush or Grace Slick, you will adore Florence and the Machine

Oh and if you still doubt her, check her collaboration with Dizzie at the Brits in February

Nov 14


New Album on iTunes next week (dont know if it will be avail on iTunes UK or not) and new video will debut on and then via YouTube. Cant wait!!!

Oct 19

‘I Got It’ featuring Aubrey O’Day

Ive only listened to it once or twice. Its OKAY. Nothing great (Donnie decides to ‘rap’) and feels like there needs to be some more editing done to it (less autotuner, possibly?) and maybe something changed, cant quite put my finger on it. I think it has potentional but with Donnies name attached to it, the track may not go anywhere.

You can purchase the track here for $1.99 Proceeds go towards Danny Woods Breast Cancer Foundation, Remember Betty. Apparently within the week, this will also be available for download via iTunes

Oct 10

I dont really know.. sounds, intriguing but I dont know if I can wait until next year to hear something more from her. Plus theres annoying catch phrase of ‘boys call me when they feel freaky hot’ which has the feelings of the pussycat dolls ‘dontcha wish youre girlfriend was hot like me’

Well see. I could be wrong and waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay off or right. who knows.

Dec 13

Outside of The Block, I just cant stop listening to the record (might be a boston thing??). Its so good and will be overlooked by everyone.. but not here. I didnt listen to much new this year (thank you new kids for reuniting!) but what I did listen to, this is my standout… Like most good things it took a while for me to take it all in, but it was worth it. Shame it had to happen 2 weeks before New Years Eve. lol. Richard Butlers duet on ‘This Years Love’ is THE track to get you hooked in…

Want to sneak a listen? Search through this blog to find THE post ;)

He used to want to make me breakfast
But more and more he’s sleeping in
And though he doesn’t want to hurt me
I know he’ll soon be leaving