Dec 20

for those lucky enough to make it into Boston with the amazing Nor’Easter heading your way, looks like the guys are giving you a real treat (Even if Danny hates it)

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Unfortunately, theyre not allowing embedding or anything cool like that, so youll have to click on the link to view.


Didn’t get a chance to see the New Kids on the Block on tour? Now you can have Joey McIntyre, Donnie Wahlberg, Danny Wood and Jordan and Jonathan Knight in your living room when the group releases its concert DVD on Feb. 2.

From early rehearsals to inside the recording studio, NKOTB’s Coming Home DVD is “bringing you back to the very first moment of the reunion step by step until today,” Donnie Wahlberg tells PEOPLE. “It’s kind of like a yearbook – only from a 15 year high school reunion.”

The DVD includes the singers’ performance of classics like “Step by Step” – and unseen footage from the groups fan cruise to the Bahamas, where Wahlberg and Wood surprised fans in their cabins. Wahlberg has a soft spot for replaying the fan footage, saying, “the emotion from the fans, in every arena throughout the tour, was so intense,” he says. “It gives me chills every time I watch it.”

Get ready for more chills, Donnie. The reunion party will continue in 2010 when the boys hit the high seas again on a sold-cruise in May. And there will be ten golden keys hidden in the deluxe and super deluxe DVD box sets that will grant lucky fans two tickets to any future NKOTB concert.

Says Wahlberg: “We hope to find new ways to give our fans no less as we move forward.”

Now up on YouTube

Notice my vid is like the 3rd or 4th recommended one? woo!

Sep 24

Donnie is SUCH a tease!

Sep 5

Watch about 1.30 or so in… US dates, at least. VERY exciting and can lead to more hopes of a winter UK tour!!! LETS GET THIS!!!!

Oh and what keeps DDub ticking??? (be warned turn down speakers at about .38 or so…)

Jun 5

NKOTB Boot camp.. Is it me or is this reporter really, um, ‘camp’??

May 23

will update this post as I find em.
BTW big shout outs to all the amazing ladies who went on this cruise and shared their memories with all of us who couldnt go! next time right??

5 Brothers & a Million Sisters

Joe dancing to Beyonces ‘All the Single Ladies’

Jon sings Happy Birthday to JK!!! (god he also looks fiiiiiiiiine here)

Happy Birthday Jordan!

The answer is always ‘Balls’

Joey strips. *melts*

Joe in his PJs @ the Pajama party.
Nice kimono and all, but we all know homeboy wears mesh shorts to bed

DEW brings some lucky ladies some beers while theyre in the hot tub.

JK & DEW sing Dirty Dancing

DEW Dancing at the pool to Ice, Ice Baby. lol.

Joe makes a very important annoucement

JK thanks the fans for their birthday pressies & well wishes. Fan at the end squeals (hell who wouldnt?)

thats all for now…

May 15

ship leaves port this afternoon. i would like to say im only a teeny tiny bit jealous. all 5 boys on a BOAT! poor jon is already freaking out about the ‘bold’ drunk ladies… poor thing. i so love jon (but not as much as Joey) x

Donnie being safety conscious on board of the cruise ship. Or being overly prepared for easy escape route from the crazies?

New Kids hangin’ tough with fans on 3-day cruise

MIAMI (AP) — Those little girls who once loved the New Kids On The Block are now adults — with disposable income. The band quickly sold out a three-day Caribbean cruise where they’ll perform onboard and mingle.

The group, which reunited after 14 years for a tour and new album in May 2008, will kick off its summer performance schedule with the concert cruise to the Bahamas. They leave Friday afternoon on the Carnival Imagination.

Carnival spokeswoman Cherie Weinstein says about 2,100 people — mostly women in their 20s and 30s — bought tickets to the cruise. She says the trip sold out quickly compared to an average Carnival cruise.

The New Kids On The Block “Full Service” summer tour begins June 4 in Atlanta.


now joey!!

Ill save you!!!! I swear I will!!!

(picture courtesy of @mrs_mcsupergirl via twitter)

Mar 5

Donnie, last few seconds of this vid says ‘See You In The Fall!’ er Autumn!

Mar 1

Looks like their appearance on the top 20 countdown?? No real info on video…

Feb 28

Made my first movie with windows movie maker. lol. so easy!!! (whoda thunk windows made something easy?!)

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