Nov 9

Bless. His eyes almost look PURPLE jesus.

Oct 9

Okay I LOVE Donnie, just like everyone else. Hell if it wasnt for him, a writers strike and pretty ugly divorce we wouldnt have had the reunion.  So I’m VERY grateful towards him. (I dont want this to come across as being so, either) The guys are on and off twitter – Mr Jordan Knight, Im looking at YOU!!! – but Donnie is ALWAYS on.. lol. Its great hes around sharing his down time with us, but the constant stream of my fellow BHs replies to him is making MY twitter experience unusable. :(

Without the Filter

The moment Donnie tweets, twitter & tweetdeck pretty much goes insane, 8 – 10 replies at once and I only follow about 300 or so blockheads. Nothing wrong with it, we all want to get our voice HEARD. Fair play.  But when you actually USE twitter for what its for – sharing of small bits of tasty information with like minded people – that stuff gets lost in our replies to DDub. Sans short of getting a side account (which I dont want to do) I was losing my mind.

Make sure when you use the filter option its on - otherwise ALL youll see IS @donniewahlberg replies

Then I remember that tweetdeck in all its awesomeness now lets you filter your columns. I threw in @donniewahlbergs name into the filter and wow.

I can still use twitter as I like and still see DDub but not his replies!

Its now a whole new tweeting experience! I dont miss out on anything and yet still get to see Donnies tweets.  Its great! Its really simple to put the filter on and off, so you dont always have to ignore the replies, which is handy for slower times of the day…

Hopefully this wasnt too long winded (I have a tendency to do that) and was of some help to those of us a little less loving of the Donnielove.

May 4

Such a nice image of himself to leave me before I go on holiday. mmmmmjoey.

May 2

profile of me: on the floor,in the corner, in the dark, silently typing as to not wake anyone up, cant walk away from the pc

and god does he look hot. oh baby.

Apr 27

apparently duncan is in this shot…

Apr 25

AHHH Joe sleeps on the same side as my OH. haha. now when I curl up I can imagine im cuddling next to joe in his bed. lol. thats terrible :( lol

Apr 25

was this:

Twisted Helena

and just in case the above doesnt work:

I dont really *get* what its about. Either he wants us to smoke some weed and listen to My Chemical Romance in reverse or Twisted is the new single. lol. He told us to be here at noon PST but showed up at around 3.30pm PST. So far nothing else has shown up so well see.

Apr 23

So our ‘little’ Joey Mac isnt too tech savvy and had to ask fans how to use photobooth to upload some pics to twitpic. *awwww* well forgive him for being a mac user, but i guess he has to since they both share the same name. lol.

first we get this:

THEN he goes and gives us this right before he signs off:

he took the pic right before he went to bed the other night and just WOW. This is now the current wallpaper on my phone. lol.

Hes just tooo hot for words. Sorry. Those EYES. If you ever really want to know why a Joe girl is a Joe girl, its because of those amazing baby blues. nothing can compete with them. not even jons sweetness or jordans falsetto. nadda. *sigh* i just melt into joepuddles each time i look at those photos.

god damn im jealous of Barrett!!

Apr 22

  • Love y’all ! More 2morrow. Lots to do and fill u in on. Tour/music and more Twitpics! LOL- they were underwear- 2 lazy 2 put on swimsuit. about 5 hours ago from mobile web
  • Just wanted to prove that I was chillin’. :)   about 10 hours ago from TwitterFon
  • Mmm hmm…   about 11 hours ago from TwitterFon

AHHHHHH Joey in his undies!!! lol. Oh baby. Sooo fine and so  very jealous of Barrett

(btw can you see Griffs play ball in the background? I didnt notice it until about an hour or so of looking at the photo. lol)

Apr 18

but @Steve_Buscemi basically told donnie wahlberg to shut the fuck up. lol. the guy who played ‘Donny’ in the Big Lebowski and was always told to shut up is telling a real Donnie to shut up.

i think im the only one giggling at the irony (or is it canadian irony?) here.

had to unfollow @DonnieWahlberg–his giddy enthusiasm was worse than a black widow crawling up my ass and laying eggs in my brain.

BTW he meant his statement in JEST no one spam Steve Buscemis twitter in anger!

Donny youre out of element.

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