Oct 19

Also, just wanted to update that Joe is recording a new video on Wednesday morning in Burbank, CA. He held a contest via twitter for the first 30 lucky ladies to send him an email that theyd be selected to attending taping. Word has it that the girls will be allowed to take cameras and video at the shooting. (So hoping some video gets leaked!)  Theyll also be welcomed to an exclusive Braveheart listening party and be the first to hear Joes new EP.

Though Mr McIntyre was evil. Told everyone the competition was open to all and hed fly people in. LIES! LOL. He was evil. Theres been a few to back out, but Joe said hell honour those next in line and let them know that they were runners up. Im sure the word will get out and a few more than 30 or so BHs will show up to the taping, but its nice hes having fans in the video. Making me think its either a live concert kind of setting or maybe as passerbys. *sigh* wish it was next week when we’re in the states. would so hop a plane and go…..

Feb 20

http://www.people.com/people/article/0,,20260137,00.html# via the new kids blog

Unfortunately theyve blocked my video downloader so no grab as of yet (*cries*) but I will see what I can do…


there we go:

Thanks to Orion on nkotbfans.com

Nov 26

Mr Cocker came home tonight..

DJ Jarvis after the set finished..

Im trying to upload video and when I get a moment will sort out the setlist I wrote down from the show.. stay tuned for this post here..

Edit 2:

Okay I’ve just woken up and though the show was BRILLIANT! (okay I might be a slight be biased because I’m obsessed with Jarvis, but thats besides the point) Played a great mix of old and new (those songs sound GREAT! if anyone loved Jarvis, youll love the next record!) and told a few stories.. Gave a lecture on Take Thats writing skills and his opinion of their new single as well (why put the emphasis on ‘oh’?? you generally emphasize what you want like ‘Can I have a LAGER mate’, not ‘Can I have a lager MATE’ or something like that.. the vodka is clouding my brain) and showed a few pictures of this great city (me stupidly shouting ‘Thats Sheffield’). Such a good time and such a great performer.

He was on stage for about an hour and a half and then DJ’d the remainder of the night until the venue turned into a club night.  WE stayed for most of it, but my friends wanted to get a few drinks in before the pubs closed, so off to Division street we went. I had an awesome time, and it was just as brilliant as when we saw him at the .plug last year

I still need to grab my phone and upload some video.. I dont have many pics of the performance because we arrived a little later than we wanted to and we had to stand far back underneath the over hang. The camera kept focusing on THAT instead of Jarvis. Stupid technology, not knowing what *really* matters.

Edit 3 – the Setlist:

Further Complicationsr* (thank you Mr Travers)
All Caucasian Band*
Girls Like Today*
Big Julie Rules the World
I Will Kill Again
Big Stuff
Black Magic
Encore 1
Fat Children
Another Fucking Song*
Cunts Are Still Running the World
Encore 2
Dont Let Him Waste Your Time
Cover song (disco he said, but cant find the right lyrics to match)
DJ set for 45 minutes or so

*New Tracks from the upcoming record


First video:

Black Magic

Big Stuff

Ranty Jarvis before the start of the new track, ‘Angela’

Nov 19


guys, its worth sitting through some intentionally cheesey german footage for the last 10 seconds or so.. just watch joes expressions.. priceless.

Nov 9


(video links are not working, sorry)

This is just too cool for words. (might need ie to make it work)

The Imperial March on a floppy disk is still cool and all, but this video takes the concept to a whole new level. It’s Radiohead’s Nude being played on all kinds of computer parts. It was made by James Houston, a student from the Glasgow School of Art’s visual communication program. And not only is the music amazing well created, but the video is legit as well. The instruments are as follows:

Sinclair ZX Spectrum – Guitars (rhythm & lead)
Epson LX-81 Dot Matrix Printer – Drums
HP Scanjet 3c – Bass Guitar
Hard Drive array – Act as a collection of bad speakers – Vocals & FX

Let it load and then skip to a little after 1:00 for it to get started. Otherwise you have to listen to a minute of static and watch some flashing color bands that may or may not be trying to hypnotize you. They only gave me a boner though. I love static. And flashing colors? Don’t even get me started. *shivers*

Yeah… thats cool.