Feb 28


NIN: 1,000,000 Live from on stage, Sydney 2.22.09 [HD] from Nine Inch Nails on Vimeo.

NIN: Burn Live from on stage, Melbourne 2.25.09 [HD] from Nine Inch Nails on Vimeo.

20 something years on ( :cry: im old!) they still HAVE it.




Nine Inch Nails Live: Beside You In Time Extended HD Trailer from Nine Inch Nails on Vimeo.
Makes me want to get a PS3 for the Blu-Ray and a better TV. (*MUST* watch in HD!!!!!!)

Jan 11

Nine Inch Nails – Gave Up (Live in HD) from WhoRu? on Vimeo.

apparently interscope couldnt be bothered with giving trent back his rights for his music and wouldnt let him release a tour dvd, so to get back at them he leaked over 405 gigs of HD footage from 3 of his concerts from last year (2008). Above is one of the first fan created items to become public and widely available.

ive watched it in HD (as linked above) and this is just too fucking cool. its gorgeous. so gorgeous. a must must must watch

i wish more large profiled artists would start telling their record companies to fuck off and let the artist be.

Nov 9


(video links are not working, sorry)

This is just too cool for words. (might need ie to make it work)

The Imperial March on a floppy disk is still cool and all, but this video takes the concept to a whole new level. It’s Radiohead’s Nude being played on all kinds of computer parts. It was made by James Houston, a student from the Glasgow School of Art’s visual communication program. And not only is the music amazing well created, but the video is legit as well. The instruments are as follows:

Sinclair ZX Spectrum – Guitars (rhythm & lead)
Epson LX-81 Dot Matrix Printer – Drums
HP Scanjet 3c – Bass Guitar
Hard Drive array – Act as a collection of bad speakers – Vocals & FX

Let it load and then skip to a little after 1:00 for it to get started. Otherwise you have to listen to a minute of static and watch some flashing color bands that may or may not be trying to hypnotize you. They only gave me a boner though. I love static. And flashing colors? Don’t even get me started. *shivers*

Yeah… thats cool.

Oct 7

its amazing what you can do with post its and a little funding from office max… <3

EepyBird’s Sticky Note experiment from Eepybird on Vimeo.
http://vimeo.com/1700732 (link if you cant view video)